Companies ready for sale

We provide a wide variety of clean-record dormant limited companies, ready for immediate sale (effective in 24h).

All companies available are fully registered legal entities with clean history. We hold all the relevant documents – the company agreement, KRS, REGON and NIP statements. They’re registered in virtual office in Wroclaw’s city centre. We are happy to register them as VAT PL / VAT EU taxpayers on request.

The main characteristics are:

Clean history – all the companies were dormant since their registration, were never involved in any trade, never had any revenue and liabilities. We include this information in the sale
Broad PKD codes range, allowing you to undertake all sorts of trades.
Standardised company agreement.
Share capital of 5,000PLN.

Additionally, we can change company’s parameters (name, address, share capital increase etc.) at your request.