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Limited companies with clean records, ready for immediate trading available for sale now

Our business offers complex services, including:

Sales and registration of limited companies

Virtual office


Preparation of file updates within KRS

Companies ready for sale

We provide a wide variety of clean-record dormant limited companies, ready for immediate sale (effective in 24h).

Gotowe spółki to idealne rozwiązanie pozwalające oszczędzić czas związany z zakładaniem spółki od podstaw.

All companies available are fully registered legal entities with clean history. We hold all the relevant documents – the company agreement, KRS, REGON and NIP statements. They’re registered in virtual office in Wroclaw’s city centre. We are happy to register them as VAT PL / VAT EU taxpayers on request.


Call us: +48 535 431 811

Current offer

NameDate of registrationKRSNIPHeadquaterStatusPriceComment
STONE RULE SP. Z O.O.2019-01-1000007660508971862820WROCŁAWwolna1600 zł-
TRUSTBUD SP. Z O.O.2018-10-2300007545998971860614WROCŁAWwolna2500 złAKTYWNY VAT PL/UE
WERTEX SP. Z O.O.2017-12-1400007094538971849682WROCŁAWwolna2200 zł-
FLY INVESTMENT SP. Z O.O.2017-10-2000007006338971846927WROCŁAWwolna2800 zł-
DENTO GROUP SP. Z O.O.2017-09-2500006967068971845595WROCŁAWwolna2600 zł-
VERTEX GROUP SP. Z O. O.2017-10-3100007019708971847430WROCŁAWwolna2800 zł-
Call us: +48 535 431 811

Sale by post

The sale by post procedure was prepared in order to minimise any inconvenience at your side. If you don’t want to waste your time or money to take care of formalities in our office, you can sort everything out at distance.

Virtual office

Naszym Klientom zapewniamy usługi wirtualnego biura w samym centrum Wrocławiu.

It is a perfect solution for people engaging in new business activity. It allows them to save money on rent and administration expenses.


Our accountancy services provide you with professional accounting and advice in cost optimisation.

We approach all our clients individually. We’ll research your business and tailor a solution that suits your needs. We’re talking your business only. We won’t compare you to others, categorise or intimidate with price tables. We take your actual business activities, legal form and number of documents produced into account.